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Sanctuary Without Walls ~  Columbia County, NY.

While “sanctuaries” are usually associated with one or another traditional religion, Sanctuary Without Walls does not espouse one way of living a spiritual life. Rather, it is about:

• Finding sanctuary. • Listening to earth-spirit whispers. • Sharing our stories and experiences. • Developing the heart-dimensions of who we are. • Becoming monks in the world, as we take our learning and presence seriously, playfully, compassionately back into the world when we part. • Living from a deeper place within ourselves in each encounter as we live our daily lives: the passionate, connecting, transforming power that we can bring to the healing of one another and our world.

It offers a meeting point for people from any tradition or none.

Spring Pathway, Adirondacks

Sanctuary Without Walls is virtual, here on this site; emerging, as events and meetings develop; and physical, as we gather face-to-face. It is experimental and experiential. We seek space and time for sacred play, to learn and share skills for finding and creating moments of sanctuary within everyday life ~ spiritual sustenance, naturally.

Sanctuary Without Walls is also a ‘waystation’ for those seeking companionship and learning on their spiritual journeys.  If you are interested in becoming a monk in the world, contact



“Imagine a community of initiates, a sanctuary recreated whenever and wherever we gather, whether under the moon and stars, or under the sun, or in the incandescent lights in someone’s living room, or by candlelight in a church or temple, or in the flickering glow of a single candle.”


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  1. Sounds really interesting, it’ll be great to see how this evolves.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Tim. It appears that we share some interests. I hope you’ll keep in touch about your services and spiritual adventures.

  2. thegreeningspirit

    Katherine, this is absolutely lovely! I have been engaged in a similar vision/Vocation for many years myself, the focuses as you listed in the last paragraph. Whole-ly work for sure. I am excited to find another Soul-sister on this path of beauty and Mystery. Thanks so much for this beautiful, creative and inspiring site.
    Christine Phoenix-Green


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