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Spiritual But Not Religious

Are there dangers for people who feel that to live their spirituality they do not need to be involved with a community?

A Jesuit priest, James Martin, contributor to an article on CNN today, thinks so. In referring to those who make this choice he uses words like complacent, self-centered, lazy.

What do you think?

My question is, can people consider themselves SBNR and still gather together for spiritual practices, learning, and even ritual?

Sanctuary Without Walls came into being because wherever two or more are gathered, our inner sparks can be fanned into brightness simply through the presence of others. Gathering together, even though we may feel that we are more “spiritual” than “religious,” offers us an invitation to stretch who we are, examine new ideas, form bonds, and encourage one another in our work, play, and creativity in the wider world.

Yet some people feel they simply do not want or need such a community.

How about you? Please leave a comment.

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  1. I am just a woman in Ireland, a member of the parish team of St. Oliver Plunkett’s Catholic Church in Finglas Dublin looking for material to use in our autumn years celebration. I loved the pieces here. I can hopefully adapt them to our little congregation who are in transition at the moment, floundering on a sea between old intrenched beliefs and younger freer people who see the Lord and his way’s differently to us. we are working hard to spread the good news. Thank you for your insprintional site. It is beautiful and expresses feelings I cannot put into words as beautifully as expressed here. Rita.

    • Rita,
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. Many churches are struggling at this time, losing members, seeking the best way to proceed. You are not alone! I wish you all the best as you discern the best way forward for your little community. May you all keep listening, inwardly and outwardly!


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